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Monorepo World

Monorepo World is the ultimate conference where platform architects and tool builders come together to advance the state of software development. Join us and share ideas to make development faster, more scalable, and more collaborative.

At Monorepo World, you’ll learn about the latest innovations, tooling supports, and news to power your projects and organizations.

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October 7th
Computer History Museum
Mountain View, CA

Two days of innovation and exploration with leaders in developer experience and tooling

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Learn from the experts! Discover emerging trends, master best practices, and enhance your skills with insights from the creators of the tools you use. Join us!

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Get in front of hundreds of platform architects, managers, and engineers from leading companies. Connect with the creators of popular developer tools and reach thousands of attendees and post-conference viewers. Get access to hundreds of platform architects, managers, and engineers from top companies, makers of leading monorepo tools including the entire Nx team, and thousands of viewers and post-conference recording views.

Join us at Silicon Valley’s epicenter of nerd history.

Computer History Museum

1401 N Shoreline Blvd,

Mountain View, CA 94043

United States

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Discover the latest in developer tooling against the inspiring backdrop of the Computer History Museum, showcasing milestones and breakthroughs in technology.

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